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1Post LoadGet instant available options for your load Reach Out-Post your load and get contacted directly from transporter Instant Update-Transporters see your loads as soon as you post them, on the Transportbazaar load board
2Post TruckFocus on getting right load for your Vehicle Work Faster-Save time and money looking for the right load at right locations with an easy-to-use posting panel that allows you to post your vehicle instantly. Work Efficient-Get contacted by the prospective customer by providing contact details.  
1Post FreightDon’t wait just quote your rate for lanes instantly Don’t just get out of Competition- Quote your rates for all your working lanes and get displayed on our freight board Make your Presence Count- Get noticed by putting realistic quote.
2Load BoardFind the Loads for vehicle at right place on a right time Transportbazaar Load board will help transporter to find the best loads for their vehicles. By reducing dead time (Ideal or halting time) transporters cam make more money from their vehicles. More Loads-Transportbazaar Load Board will help you to find more loads on real time for your fleet Fast Results-Search results are updated with new loads as soon as they’re posted on the portal
1Truck BoardView the on time availability of the Vehicle for your loads Transportbazaar Truck board will show you the options of vehicle around you. Explore the possibility of best carriers’ vehicle around you. You can also provide your feedback and opinion about the transporter. More Options-More options for your load, get instant access to the available vehicles in your area. Instant Updates-Get the vehicles in time, updates in real time. Transportbazaar displays vehicle instantly, you can get in touch with transporter faster. Broader Reach-Post to the Transportbazaar, and reach to multiple transporters at a time.
2Freight BoardMarket rates now available on the move Transportbazaar freight board is an online tool that puts real-time rate quoted by logistics service provider’s freight rates. Rates are based on transportbazaar member freight postings.   Compare yourself against the MarketFreight Board gives you access to freight rate information to forecast and compare your freights with the market. Freight Rate Expert on the move Though you are an expert in your freight rates, you can use Freight Board to compare, analyse and optimize transportation requirements.
Directory Search– Now get details of your fellow partners on a click